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3 Aspects that Parent Should Aware for Daycare Snack Supplies

3 Aspects that Parent Should Aware for Daycare Snack Supplies

Daycare snack supplies hold an important role toward children’s health since they will consume it in daily basis. That is why daycare provider always needs to be carefully chosen the kind of snack supplies that they use to make sure that children will get their nutritional need from it.  However, as parent we cannot simply put all the burden of preparing healthy daycare snack supplies to the daycare provider. We are urged to also take actively involved in providing the best snack for children. It seems that we divide the whole responsibilities between us and the provider. We have to provide the information about children’s health to the daycare so that they can make proper choices for our children supplies. Beside that we are also having to concern about the daycare snack supplies menu list. Some daycare will ask parents to bring the snack from home. If this is the case then we are better meeting the daycare provider to find out if there is any kind of food to avoid. Commonly, foods to avoid are peanut and peanut butter. Be sure that we are not fully packages the food that we send to daycare so the caregiver can check the ingredient of the daycare snack supplies. It is important for each child may suffer different kinds of allergic so play safe by building two way communications with the daycare provider.

Another aspect to be considered in choosing daycare snack supplies is healthy food choices. One kind of healthy snack option is cheese. To save the time, we can get prepackaged cheese snacks in local store. Not only the cheese, crackers like graham crackers and dried fruit are also can be a great option. Granola bars and trail mix actually can be given but need to be carefully served since it may cause allergic reaction. That is why it is better to serve these two kinds of foods for older children more than 2 years old. Too much sweet is not a good thing. However, we cannot deny the fact that sweet healthy daycare snack supplies will be more easily accepted by children. Choose natural sweet like mandarin oranges, apple sauce and canned fruit. Other types of healthy snack to fulfilled children nutrition are rice cakes, dry cereal and raw vegetables. Vegetables are often hardly to accept by children because of its flavour. Good daycare must provide this type of healthy daycare snack supplies of interesting serving performance. Cut the vegetables into sticks or other interesting type and add some healthy dipping to make it tastier should be great job of daycare provider.

The last thing that parents should do to make sure that children will get their nutritional need is make a checklist. If the daycare is allowing us to bring daycare snack supplies then the checklist can help us to make different type of snack than other parent already have. The checklist will also helpful to write down their plan so that other parents and daycare provider can check whether our planes snack and ingredient can be accepted or safe to be eaten by all children in the daycare or not. It is a great way so that the daycare provider and parent can cooperate together to maintain children health and development. If the daycare snack supplies will provide by the provider then we can use the checklist to make sure that the food is matched with our child’s needs. It is also helpful if we want to check the ingredient of each daycare snack that provided. Of course we will also need the menu schedule from the daycare to complete or matched it with our checklist. Find out as much as possible information if our children have allergy so that we can eliminate the risk of daycare snack supplies that may treat children health. Look carefully on child care menu schedule and communicate if there is something that we do not agree.  They key is maintaining good communication with the daycare provider so that children can get healthy daycare snack supplies.


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